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by LJ Staff
Metro Link OpenGL for Linux

Metro Link released a software-accelerated version of SGI's OpenGL for Linux. Metro OpenGL (MOGL) is an environment for developing 2-D and 3-D graphics applications. OpenGL runs on a variety of platforms without the need to rewrite applications for each system's graphics driver. Rotating, bouncing blobs can be displayed and interactively controlled on screen via 250 OpenGL routines. Objects can be rendered in wireframe, shaded-solid, and transparent modes–with user-definable textures, surfaces, and other attributes. Metro OpenGL for Linux is US$199.

Contact Metro Link Incorporated, 4711 North Powerline Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. Phone: 305-938-0283. Fax: 305-938-1982. E-mail: WWW:

E&S OpenGL For Linux

Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation (E&S) and Portable Graphics, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of E&S, announced the availability of OpenGL for Linux from E&S. OpenGL for Linux is a software implementation of the OpenGL Sample Implementation from SGI that runs as an extension to the standard X-Windows package on Linux. It can be used to write, compile and run OpenGL applications. OpenGL for Linux passes the OpenGL conformance test suites for all currently shipping servers. A LinkKit is provided to allow users to configure additional extensions and video drivers as needed. E&S Open GL costs US$79.00 plus shipping and handling.

Contact Portable Graphics P. O. Box 161002, Austin, TX 78716. Phone: 800-580-1160 (512-306-0460). Fax: 800-580-0616 (512-306-0016). E-mail:

Interface Object Server System (DIOSS) Version 1.0

DIOSS Corp. has released Distributed Interface Object Server System (DIOSS) Version 1.0, a development and delivery system for X/Motif applications. DIOSS lets you create X/Motif based applications and does not require linking in X/Motif object code. DIOSS separates the application from the windowing system overhead by providing a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) based interface object background daemon which services all interface creation requests and events (call it a Motif Server).

Contact Tom O'Neil. Phone: 703-671-0706. E-mail: WWW: . The Personal Edition of DIOSS Linux is US$99. The Corporate Linux version is US$1995.

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