New Products

by LJ Staff
Just Logic SQL Database

Just Logic Technologies has introduced Just Logic/SQL Database Manager, an ANSI SQL relational database system for Linux. The database system includes a complete development system and utilities.

The system offers three choices of programming interfaces: a complete set of C++ Class definitions, a C application program interface, and a standard C precompiler for portability from or to other relational databases on other operating systems.

Contact: Just Logic Technologies, 40 Commerce Street, Nun's Logic, Quebec, H3E 1V6 Canada (514) 943-3749

Yggdrasil Plug 'N Play

Yggdrasil's Fall 1994 Plug-and-Play Linux release and MoCheap 1.2.4 (a port of OSF/Motif to Linux) were released in September 1994.

The Fall 1994 release includes the new X11R6 XFree86 3.0 X-windows ported and integrated into Linux, an improved graphical user interface for Lucid Emacs and ImageMagick, and better DOS and Windows emulation.

To the 1.1.47 kernel used in the Fall 1994 release, have been added new device drivers that allow Linux to run under DOS and to transparently use DOS to access CD-ROM's and hard disks not directly supported by Linux.

Contact: Yggdrasil Computing, Inc. 4880 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 205 San Jose, CA 95129-1034 (408) 261-6630, FAX(408) 261-6631.

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