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by LJ Staff
Complete Linux Package from SSC

SSC is offering a complete package to get you into “the Linux experience”. The package includes a Linux Distribution on CD-ROM, a certificate for a 1-year subscription to Linux Journal, printed copies of Matt Welsh's Linux Installation & Getting Started, 3-hole punched copies of the Linux How-Tos and four of SSC's own publications (Internet Public Access Guide, Beginning Unix command Summary, RS-232 Reference and Bourne Shell Tutorial).

The package sells for $88.95. SSC, P.O. Box 55549, Seattle, WA 98155, (206) 527-3385 or e-mail to for more information or a complete SSC catalog.

FinSim for the Linux platform available

Fintronic USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of FinSim for the Linux platform. FinSim: A high performance, compiled and interpreted simulation environment that supports both UDL/I and Verilog HDL. The FinSim UDL/I simulator features full language implementation. The FinSim Verilog simulator features full Verilog HDL implementation including gate, switch-level, user defined primitives, behavior, specify blocks, path delays, system tasks and functions, PLI, and VCD.

Currently FinSim runs on Sun Sparc, Digital MIPS, IBM RS/6000 and SGI MIPS workstations. It is also available on Intel x86 platforms running Windows NT, SVR4.2, interactive Unix 3.2 or Linux. It will soon be available on Digital Alpha, Pentium and Hewlett-Packard platforms.

FinSim prices for a Unix workstation range from $15,000 to $25,000 including free upgrades to SDF. The list price for FinSim for a PC platform is two thirds of the price of FinSim for a Unix workstation. Contact Fintronic directly for available discounts and terms.

E-mail: fax: +1.415.325.4908 tel: +1.415.325.4474 mail: Fintronic USA, Inc. 1360 Willow Rd., Suite 205 Menlo Park, CA 94025 USA

Fintronic also sells pre-installed, fully configured Linux workstations and notebooks. For information on this service please finger or send mail to

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