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by Amy Kukuk


ARCO Computer Products, Inc. has announced the release of DupliDisk-PCI. DupliDisk-PCI is a driverless disk mirroring adapter designed for the PCI bus. The price of this product is $225 US. The DupliDisk-PCI can mirror up to two pairs of IDE, E-IDE or U-IDE drives of any capacity when inserted into a PCI bus slot. It connects via a standard IDE cable either to the IDE connector built into most PCI motherboards today or to an add-in IDE adapter installed on the system. The DupliDisk-PCI is a hardware-based dual-channel adapter. It requires no TSRs or operating system-dependent device drivers.

Contact: ARCO Computer Products, Inc., 2750 North 29th Ave., Hollywood, FL 33020, Phone: 954-925-2688, Fax: 954-925-2889, E-mail:,URL:

Visual MATCOM 1.0

MathTools, Ltd. has announced Visual MATCOM 1.0. Visual MATCOM allows you to use MATLAB and MATCOM development from within the Visual C++ 5.X environment. Visual MATCOM gives the ability to edit, compile, debug and view m-files within the Developer Studio. Some features of MATCOM 1.0 include keyword syntax coloring, automatic translation of m-files into C++ and compilation into stand-alone executable and viewing matrix data. The price for a single commercial license is $699 US and an educational license is $349 US. An evaluation copy is available from the MathTools web site.

Contact: MathTools Ltd., P.O. Box 855, Horsham, PA 19044-0855,Phone: 888-628-4866, Fax: 212-208-4477, E-mail:,URL:

Scientific Astronomer

Wolfram Research has announced the release of Scientific Astronomer. Scientific Astronomer is a software package that allows users to determine which constellations, planets, galaxies and comets are visible from their location and to pinpoint when and where to look for them. The product includes five star charts, two and three-dimensional planet plotting, eclipse calculations and satellite tracking. The commercial price for the software package is $295 US.

Contact: Wolfram Research, 100 Trade Center Drive, Champaign, IL 61820-7237, Phone: 217-398-0747, E-mail:, URL:


Cyclades Corporation has announced the Cyclades-PR3000. Cyclades-PR3000 is a mid-range, full-featured, multiprotocol router. The Cyclades-PR3000 is based on the PowerPC MPC860MH. It relies on a dual-processor architecture and delivers more than 50 MIPS of raw performance. The PR3000 can also be configured with multiple serial ports (up to 64 per box) and can perform the functions of a router and remote access server in one box. Prices start at $2449 US for the end user.

Contact: Cyclades Corporation, 41934 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538, Phone: 888-CYCLADES, E-mail:, URL:

ARIA 2.5

Andromedia has announced the release of ARIA 2.5. ARIA 2.5 is “logless” web site activity tracking software. Some of the product's new features include data compression and firewall compatibility, network-level monitoring, dynamic site tracking, trend analysis and data mining capabilities. The new version tracks activity on all major web servers and includes a database export utility, ARIA Xporter.

Contact: Andromedia, Phone: 415-278-0700, E-mail:,URL:

NetTracker 3.5

Sane Solutions LLC has announced the release of NetTracker 3.5. Some new features include support of gzipped log files, built-in web server for analysis on client computers, standardized Internet and Intranet configurations and grouping and tracking of users by department and local keyword summary. NetTracker 3.5 is priced at $295 US. Demonstration copies of the new version are available at the company's web site.

Contact: Sane Solutions LLC, 3 Preston Drive, Wickford, RI 02852, Phone: 401-295-4809, E-mail:, URL:

S.u.S.E. 5.1

S.u.S.E. LLC has announced the release of S.u.S.E 5.1 which includes four CD-ROMs, a reference book and “YaST”. Some new features include the addition of Adabas D Personal Edition, Applixware 4.3 demo, a revised manual and several new packages. The new version also includes the XSuSE X Server and a fax server. YaST contains updates via FTP and source packages in srpm format. The price of S.u.S.E. 5.1 is $49.95 US.

Contact: S.u.S.E. LLC, 458 Santa Clara Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610,Phone: 510-835-7873, Fax: 510-835-7875, E-mail:,URL:

Samba 1.9.18

The Samba Team has announced Samba 1.9.18. Samba 1.9.18 is a file and print server suite for corporate network integration with Microsoft Windows clients. Samba now implements the opportunistic locking feature of the SMB/DIFS protocol. The new version provides for dynamic code page support and full support for servers with multiple network interfaces. Samba 1.9.18 has no client license fees and may be used without cost on any compatible server operating system. Commercial support for Samba is available at

Contact: The Samba Team, URL:

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