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by LJ Staff
ImageCraft releases HC11 C Compiler, version 1.1

ICC11 is a high quality, low cost compiler package that runs on the Linux, OS/2 2.x, and DOS environments. Features include: interspersed C and assembly output, ability to assign different names to text and data sections, allowing better memory utilization, a comprehensive 90 page manual, a fast almost-ANSI C conformant compiler with built-in peephole optimizer, assembler, linker, and librarian, standard C header files and library functions, HC11 specific support such as embedded assembly, pragma for declaring interrupt functions, etc, and calling conventions compatible with other compilers. Technical support over the Internet is available. REXIS, an add-on multitasking executive with subsumption architecture semantics for controlling mobile robots, is also available.

Price: $45.00, plus shipping and handling. Contact: ImageCraft, P.O. Box 64226, Sunnyvale, CA 94088-4226, (408)749-0702. E-mail:

Seamless Object-Oriented Software Architecture

Interactive Software Engineering, Inc. (ISE) and Prentice Hall announced the publication of Seamless Object-Oriented Software Architecture: Analysis and Design of Reliable Systems, by Kim Walden and Jean-Marc Nerson (ISBN 0-13-031303-3). This book covers fundamentals and advanced concepts of O-O technology. The authors draw from their extensive experience of consulting on large scale O-O projects worldwide and managing the development of reusable component libraries for large corporations.

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