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by LJ Staff
Unix Cockpit

UniX11 Software Co. has released the Unix Cockpit (UC) version 1.2 for all major Unix platforms, including Linux. UC is a new Unix/X11 file manager. File browsers, a directory tree, custom menus and a standard command shell are smoothly integrated into one highly customizable multi-window productivity tool. UC is $25 shareware for Linux and available via anonymous ftp.

Unix Cockpit may be retrieved from in /vendor/UniX11/linux/, or from in /pub/unix/cockpit/. For more information, e-mail or snail mail to UniX11 Software C., Moorbachweg 7, 83209 Prien, Germany.

InfoMagic and Lasermoon Release Moo-Tiff

InfoMagic, Inc. and Lasermoon, Ltd. have released Moo-Tiff, a port of OSF/Motif 2.0 for Linux, on CD-ROM for $99. Versions are provided for X11R5 (XFree86-2.1.1) and X11R6 (XFree86-3.1.1). The X11R6 version is provided in both a.out and ELF format. A copy of XFree86-3.1.1 is also included on the CD. The complete OSF documentation set is included on the CD in postscript format (User's Guide, Programmer's Guide, and Widget Writer's Guide). In addition to mwm, shared and static libraries, and header files, the CD includes both source and binaries of the OSF/Motif demo programs and a large collection of Motif “freeware”. Moo-Tiff comes with free technical support via phone, e-mail, and fax.

For more information contact: InfoMagic 800-800-6613 or 620-526-9565 or e-mail or Lasermoon +44 (0)329-826444 or

CODEC for Linux

CODEC, a multiplatform compression utility (COmpressor/DECompressor), allows the user to compress in one operating system and decompress in another, interfacing the physical format of the file between the same or different environments with regards to file organization, record format, record length and block size. For example, it is possible to compress in IBM's MVS and to decompress in a PC. It is also possible to create on any platform a file capable of self decompressing in any one of the allowed operating systems (DOS, OS2, U*IX, VMS, etc.) with self exploding features.

At the URL CODEC multiplatform version 3.21 is available as shareware for most common operating systems. CODEC for Linux is distributed as freeware.

BGI Graphical Toolkit for Linux

Borland C and Turbo C users can now easily port their DOS graphical applications to Linux with the availability of BGI Graphical Toolkit from G & Y Systems. The toolkit is a high-level graphical library that provides full source compatibility with Borland BGI, and contains other functions that aid in porting applications from DOS to the Linux environment. The toolkit is fully integrated with the Linux console, and supports transparent graphical-to-text mode switching whenever a console change is detected. It features an integrated mouse driver and support for SVGA adapters based on popular chip-sets such as Trident, Tseng Labs ET-4000, Western Digital, Cirrus, Oak, and others. Toolkit code is highly optimized and features separate optimization for 16 and 256 color modes. Borland-compatible stroked fonts are also fully supported.

Demonstration program and the shareware version of the toolkit are available on The full version is available from G & Y Systems, and includes all the sources to the toolkit. Hardcopy documentation will be available in the 3rd quarter of 1995. For more information, contact G & Y Systems, P.O. Box 4925, Foster City, CA 94404, phone or fax 415-638-0703, or e-mail

Stock Charting Tool for Linux

BB Tool is a stock charting, technical analysis and portfolio management tool with a Motif interface. Key features include automatic stock split detection, customizable technical indicators, customized watch list, extensive portfolio tracking, transaction record keeping, “most active issues” and “big price movers”, etc. In addition, Falkor Technologies provides daily quote and utilities to update your historic quote database. BB tool for Linux costs US$79. Historic stock data on the US Stock Exchange are available at US$1.00 per stock. A daily stock quote is available free, distributed via e-mail. Free demo version and PostScript formatted document is available via FTP download at WWW URL: For more information, e-mail, or call 510-505-0700.

Object REXX for Linux

IBM will soon be releasing (free of charge) a Linux port of its new object-oriented version of its REXX language. REXX is a scripting language that was designed to be easy to use. It is available on most IBM platforms and is also being ported to Windows. In addition, the source code will be made available for Linux to enable porting of the code to other platforms. Object REXX extends the REXX language with classes, objects, and methods. It supports messaging, polymorphism, and multiple inheritance, while supporting existing REXX programs. You can try object-oriented programming without having to make a major investment in it. Instead, you can intermix the use of objects with traditional REXX instructions.

For more information call Tim Browne at 607-752-6030 or e-mail at BROWNE@GDLVM7.VNET.IBM.COM.

Object REXX is a trademark of IBM Corp. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.

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