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by Amy Kukuk
NetTracker 3.0

Sane Solutions, LLC has released NetTracker 3.0, a tracking program that can be installed on a web server and accessed over the Internet. The program can export data, graph and summary reports with drill-down capabilities. Users can also update NetTracker reports. NetTracker 3.0 starts at $295 US for a single user.

Contact: Sane Solutions, LLC, 3 Preston Drive, Wickford, RI 02852, Phone: 401-295-4809, Fax: 401-295-4154, E-mail:, URL:

ScriptEase: Integration SDK

Nombas has developed a JavaScript-compatible interpreter called ScriptEase: Integration SDK that lets you format output, automate tasks and make system calls. The program ships with sample applications and printed documentation. Contact the company for pricing and other details.

Contact: Nombas, 64 Salem Street, Medford, MA 02155, Phone: 617-391-6595, Fax: 617-391-3842, E-mail:, URL:

JDesignerProTM 2.1

BulletProof Corporation has released JDesignerProTM 2.1, a Java RAD tool with a new visual system for building with JavaBeans. JDesignerPro 2.1 introduces the Instance Manager and Interaction Manager, which let developers import and develop with third-party JavaBeans components. JDesignerPro 2.1 is available for free download at the company's site.

Contact: BulletProof Corporation, 15732 Los Gatos Blvd. #525, Los Gatos, CA, 95032, Phone: 800-505-0105, E-mail:, URL:

VirtuFlex 2.0

VirtuFlex Software Corporation has released VirtuFlex 2.0. The product includes the JDBC Server and includes new features such as web-based administration screens, debugging utilities and new functions for processing web forms. The price for VirtuaFlex 2.0 begins at $495 US per domain name and yearly subscription services are also available.

Contact: VirtuFlex Software Corporation, 930 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139, Phone: 617-497-8006, Fax: 617-492-0486, E-mail:, URL:

PGP Version 5.0 for Personal Privacy

Pretty Good Privacy, Inc. has introduced a Linux beta version of PGP, Version 5.0 for Personal Privacy. It is available in binary format on the Intel ELF Linux architecture and can be downloaded from Version 5.0 has a new PGP code base and features new algorithms.

Contact: Pretty Good Privacy, Inc., 2121 El Camino Real Suite 902, San Mateo, CA, 94403, Phone: 415-524-6229, Fax: 415-572-1932, E-mail:, URL:

TeraSpell 97

Teragram Corporation has announced TeraSpell 97 for Emacs, a spell checker for Emacs which incorporates visual highlights for misspelled words and on-the-fly spell checking. Visual highlights enable you to identify all spelling errors in your documents at once and ignore non-words that you may have used in your document. When you click on a misspelled word, the list of suggestions appears. TeraSpell recognizes several modes including; text, TieX, LaTeX and HTML. Free evaluation downloads, on-line ordering and delivery are available at the company's web site.

Contact: Teragram Corporation, 236 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115-4701, Phone 617-369-0100, FAX: 617- 369-0101, E-mail:, URL:

FileDrive File Transfer Server

Differential, Inc. has announced the release of the FileDrive line of secure file transfer servers. FileDrive provides secure uploads and downloads of very large files and is compatible with existing FTP clients. The FileDrive server for Linux features a web-based remote administration system of its access control system, real-time monitor and other features.

Contact: Differential, 10054 Pasadena Ave, Cupertino, CA 95014 Phone: 408-864-0610. E-mail:, URL:

journyx WebTime

journyx has announced journyx WebTime, new web-based time tracking product. WebTime gathers and reports on employee time by project, accounting code and life-cycle state with a web-based GUI. Three levels of password protected authority exist for employees, managers and administrators. A free demo and a 60-day version are available at the company's web site.

Contact: journyx, 6716 Deauford Drive, Austin TX 78750, Phone: 512-345-8282, E-mail:, URL:

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