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by Amy Kukuk
OpenLinux Standard 1.1

Caldera Inc. announced the release of OpenLinux Standard 1.1. OpenLinux Stardard 1.1 is based on the new Linux kernel 2.0.29 and includes the Netscape FastTrack Server 2.0.1, Netscape Navigator 3.01 Gold, Sun Microsystem's Java Development Toolkit, Star Division's StarOffice 3.1 and Caldera's OpenDOS. OpenLinux is Caldera's platform for extending local area networks to the home, branch office, remote user and the Internet. All services on the local network can be extended around-the-corner or the world, across a high-speed connection by adding a frame relay or ISDN commodity card to Intel-based PCs. Suggested retail price for OpenLinux Standard is $399US.

Contact: Caldera Inc., 633 South 550 East, Provo, Utah, Phone: 801-229-1675, Fax: 801-229-1579, E-mail:, URL:

TriTeal CDE for Linux

Red Hat Software announced TriTeal CDE for Linux. Red Hat Software and TriTeal Corporation teamed up to bring you this common desktop environment. TriTeal provides users with a graphical interface to access both local and remote systems. Red Hat's TriTeal CDE for Linux is available in two versions. The Client Edition gives you everything you need to operate a complete licensed copy of the CDE desktop, incluidng the Motif 1.2.5 shared libraries. The Developer's Edition allows you to perform all functions of the Client Edition and includes a copy of OSF Motif version 1.2.5. CDE is an RPM-based product and installs easily on Red Hat and other RPM-based Linux systems. You can order on-line at or call 1-888-REDHAT1.

Contact: Red Hat Software, Inc., 3203 Yorktown Avenue, Suite 123, Durham, Nc 27713, Phone: 800-546-7274, Fax: 919-572-6726, E-mail:, URL:


Numerical Objects announced the release of version 2.6.1 of Diffpack, an object-oriented C++ numerical library for building simulation software. The release covers the most common Unix platforms including Linux. Diffpack is a general purpose library for solving partial differential equations. It contains basic numerical entities, linear solvers, preconditioners and more. A stripped public domain source code version of Diffpack, restricted to academic use and evaluation, is available at The cost of a single user commercial license is $9000US.

Contact: Numerical Objects AS, Forskningsveien 1, P.O. Box 124 Blindern, N-0314 Oslo, Norway, Phone: 47-22-06-73-00, Fax: 47-22-06-73-51, E-mail:, URL:

RIPmaster 2.0 for Linux

Advanced Systems Research announced the release of the first on-line graphical system to integrate with the Internet, while providing an on-line graphics protocol. RIPmaster 2.0 for Linux is a graphically based system using the extensive RIPscrip 3.0 protocol which enables the creation of graphics and multimedia systems. It runs under Linux on any supported hardware platform, including the DEC Alpha workstation, and supports a wide range of software. RIPmaster 2.0 is available for free. The RIPmaster demo system, RIPtel 3.0.2 and additional tools can be downloaded from

Contact: Advanced Systems Research, 2348 Appaloosa, West Linn. OR 97068, Phone: 503-650-5388, E-mail:, URL:

Ten X CD-ROM Server

Ten X Technology announced the 21 CD capacity TenXpert-4/21r. The TenXpert-4/21r offers 2GB of hard-disk cache with integrated server and five, 8x-speed, 4 CD microchangers and one 6x-speed read/4s-speed record CD recorder in a lockable tower. TenXpert has a plug-and-play design and performance is delivered by the large hard disk cache. Recorded CDs are immediately and automatically available to every user. The cost of the TenXpert-4/21r is $7245US.

Contact: Ten X Technology, Inc., 13091 Pond Springs Road, Suite B-200, Austin, TX, 78729, Phone: 800-922-9050, Fax: 512-918-9495, E-mail:, URL:

Clustor 1.1

Active Tools, Inc. announced the release of Clustor 1.1, a software tool for distributing and managing computationally intensive tasks. Clustor simplifies parametric executions—running the same application numerous times with different input parameters. Jobs can be distributed over a local area network or over the Internet. Clustor provides new features for load monitoring and resource sharing. Clustor 1.1 provides a graphical user interface for all phases of executing jobs on a network of computers. Clustor 1.1 for Linux is priced at $495US and $99US for additional computational nodes. Academic discount of 40% is available to academic institutions for non-commercial use.

Contact: Active Tools, 246 First Street, Suite 310, San Fransisco, CA, 94105, Phone: 415 882 7062, E-mail:, URL:

XMove 4.0 for Linux

Future Technologies and Siemens Austria ported the XMove 4.0 from RISC stations to Linux. XMove allows control of real-time processing using only a mouse click. XMove is software for designing, prototyping and testing the graphical user interface of a software system dealing with dynamically changing values. Xmove 4.0 for Linux, includes an Editor (Xmvdraw) and a complete library including the Motif Meter Object.

Contact: Future Technologies, Via Cairoli 1, Pordenone, Italy, Phone: 39-434-20-91-07, Fax: 39-434-20-95-10, E-mail:, URL:

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