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by M. L. Richardson
Raima Database Manager

Raima Corporation announced that the Raima Database Manager++ database is now available for Linux. RDM contains low level C and C++ APIs and support for the relational database model, pointer-based network database model, and combined database model. Buyers of the development license can distribute run-time copies free. Contact Raima for pricing of license.

Contact: Raima Corp., 1605 NW Sammamish Rd. Suite 200, Issaquah, WA 98027, Phone: 800-327-2462, Fax: 206-557-5200, URL:

PC Watchdog

Berkshire Products has announced the PC Watchdog, a system watchdog/monitor board. The board is a short 8-bit ISA card that monitors a PC for hardware/software lockups to ensure maximum system availability. It provides a solution for Telecom, BBS, Voice Mail, File Servers and Industrial systems that occasionally lock up, but must be available on a continuous basis. Watchdog comes with TSRs and utility programs for control of the board. PC Watchdog is available for Linux. Contact Berkshire Products for pricing.

Contact: Berkshire Products, P.O. Box 1015, Suwanee, GA 30174, Phone: 770-271-0088, Fax: 770-932-0082, URL:

TextSurgeon 2.0

SoftwareForge Inc., announced the release of TextSurgeon 2.0, a new text editing system for Linux. TextSurgeon comes with the ability to use most of the standard Linux programming interpreters such as shell, awk, Perl and sed for automation of editing tasks. It also includes special support for code browsing, and advanced features especially for C/C++ coding. It is available for $50 US.

Contact: SoftwareForge Inc., Chicago, Ill., E-mail:

Edith Pro/X11

ZFC has announced the release of Edith Pro for X11, a quality, user friendly text editor. It is highly flexible and provides many features not available in other editors. For details see the web site at It is available for Linux at a price of $50 US for a single host, $250 US for a site license.

Contact: ZFC/home P.O.Box 15813, 1001 NH Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Phone 31-20-4-208-248, E-mail, URL:

Java Numeric Library

Visual Numerics has announced the release of the Java Numeric Library (JNL), a solution for developers of platform-neutral, network-centric, computational applications. The JNL is a set of numerical extensions to the Java Language for use in many scientific and research situations. For more detail and pricing contact Visual Numerics.

Contact: Visual Numerics, Inc., 9990 Richmond Avenue, Suite 400, Houston, Texas 77042, Phone: 713-954-6761, Fax: 713-781-9264, E-mail:, URL:


Clarity Software, Inc. has announced MagicFax, software for the WWW that allows faxes to be sent anywhere in the world for free to other MagicFax users. Faxes sent to non-MagicFax users will save substantially on transmission costs, as MagicFax routes the fax to the sender's MagicFax Web Server nearest the recipient to avoid long distance charges. MagicFax is available for Unix platforms and will be available for Linux in April. For pricing contact Clarity Software.

Contact: Clarity Software, Inc., 2700 Garcia Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043, Phone: 415-691-0320, E-mail:, URL:

F-Secure Data Security Software

Data Fellows has announced F-Secure Commerce and F-Secure VPN. F-Secure Commerce is a browser plug-in which allows any browser user anywhere in the world to have a fully secure, authenticated and strongly encrypted connection to the web server running F-Secure Commerce for Server software. F-Secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) connects multiple separate LANs together into a secure virtual network solution over the Internet. It's a software-only solution which runs on a standard Intel-based PC. For pricing contact Data Fellows.

Contact: Data Fellows, Inc., 4000 Moorpark Ave., Suite 207, San Jose, CA 95117, Phone: 408-244-9090, Fax: 408-244-9494, E-mail:, URL:

Stronghold 2.0

C2Net Software announced the release of Stronghold 2.0, a commercial webserver on the Unix platform. The security interfaces have been redesigned and built on the new Apache 1.2 code base. Many productivity and performance enhancements have been made, and Stronghold is now fully compliant with the new HTTP/1.1 standard. For pricing contact C2Net.

Contact: C2Net Software, Oakland, CA, Phone: 510-986-8770, E-mail:, URL:

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