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by Margie Richardson
Research Systems ENVI Version 2.5

Research Systems announced Version 2.5 of its ENVI image processing software. ENVI (Environment for Visualizing Images) is an image processing application for analyzing remote sensing data (i.e. any type of satellite or aircraft digital imagery). New features include state plane projections to support GIS users, customized annotation, and new file formats. ENVI 2.5 is available for Linux, UNIX and other operating systems. Personal computer pricing starts at $3,350 and workstation pricing starts at $5750 (North America).

Contact:Research Systems Inc., 2995 Wilderness Place, Boulder, CO 80301, Phone: 303-786-9900, Fax: 303-786-9909 E-mail:, URL:

FairCom Developer CD

FairCom Corporation announced the release of its new Developer CD, which contains the new c-tree Plus version 6.6A and FairCom Server release 6.06.26B. The CD contains fully functioning FairCom database servers for over 25 supported environments including Linux. It is priced at $895 with full C source code, no royalties. FairCom also announced it has licensed its technology to Computer Associates International, Inc. for use within the CA-Realia product line.

Contact: FairCom Corporation, 4006 W. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65203, Phone: 800-234-8180 (US), 039-35-773-464 (Europe), 0592-29-7504 (Japan), Fax: 314-445-9698, URL:

Applixware for Red Hat Linux

Applix Inc. and Red Hat Software, Inc. announced the availability of Applix's Applixware suite of office automation products for the Red Hat Linux operating system. This product features graphical fully integrated spreadsheet, word processing, graphics, presentation, electronic mail, and HTML authoring software. Red Hat Software bundles Applixware version 4.2 with Red Hat Linux 3.0.3 (already available) at a price of $495.

Contact: Red Hat Software, Inc., 25 Sylvan Rd South, Suite F1, Westport, CT 06880, Phone: 800-454-5502, Fax: 203-454-2582 E-mail:, URL:

Unix Sound System for Linux by 4Front Technologies

4Front Technologies announced the availability of UNIX Sound System (USS) for Linux (version 1.3.81 or higher). USS provides device drivers for a wide variety of sound cards and audio hardware for Linux. Functionally, USS provides support for 8bit and 16bit stereo digital audio playback and sampling, FM sound synthesis, MIDI input and output, and Audio Mixer for setting input and output levels. Retail price for USS/Linux is $50.00.

Contact: 4Front Technologies, 11698 Montana Ave., Suite 12, Los Angeles, CA 90049, Phone: 310-820-7365, Fax: 310-826-2465, E-mail:, URL:

TEAMate On-line Publishing for Linux

MMB Development announced the availability of TEAMate on-line Web & BBS server software for Linux. TEAMate supports five basic interface protocols including access via a character based terminal, a customizable TEAMate GUI client, a WEB Browser, Query-by-Mail, and a Java client. TEAMate for Linux is available for $495.

Contact: MMB Development Corporation, 904 Manhattan Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, Phone: 800-832-6022, Fax: 310-318-2162, E-mail:, URL:

MkLinux from Apple

Apple announced the first developer release of MkLinux, a port of the Linux operating system for the Power Macintosh based on the Mach microkernel. Right now MkLinux only runs on NuBus-based Power Macs (the 6100, 7100 and 8100). Apple plans to make MkLinux available for the PCI Power Macs and on future PowerPC Platform machines. Purchase price of CD-ROM version of MkLinux developer release is $10 from Prime Time Freeware (includes complete source code). If you have a fast connection, the entire release is available on-line at: The reference release, MkLinux: Mach/Linux for the Power Macintosh, will retail for $50.

Contact: Julia Carey, Apple Computer Inc., Phone: 408-974-4455, E-mail:, URL:

NetSmiths Toolkit from UniPress Software, Inc.

UniPress Software announced the release of the NetSmiths Toolkit. The toolkit contains the most current versions of software needed to set-up and maintain a web site on a Unix platform, including browsers, servers, graphics tools, animation programs and Perl. It is available for $69 on CD or from WWW at Some of the programs are available free at

Contact: UniPress, 2025 Lincoln Hwy, Edison, MJ 08817, Phone: 908-287-2100, Fax: 908-287-4929, Email:, URL: 5://

Empress DataWEB from Empress Software, Inc.

Empress Software announced the release of Empress DataWEB, an application development environment designed for Hypermedia Web Data Management. It is available on CD for $997. The CD includes Hypermedia, RDBMS Lite, SQL server, Database Explorer, Database Administrator Tools and Apache HTTP Server.

Contact: Empress Software, Phone: 301-220-1919, Email URL:

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