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by Phil Hughes
Synchronize 2.0 Available For Linux

CrossWind Technologies has introduced its Synchronize 2.0 real-time enterprise collaboration software for Linux. Synchronize's support for Linux enables enterprise network managers to deliver enterprise-scale scheduling and task management in mixed computing environments. Designed for cross-platform deployment in a client/server environment communicating across TCP/IP networks, Synchronize is available for Windows NT Server, commercial Unix servers, and Linux, as well as all enterprise desktops, including MS Windows, Windows NT, Macintosh, X11/Motif, and ASCII. Price: $100.00 per user.

Contact: CrossWind Technologies, Inc., 1505 Ocean Street, Suite 1, Santa Cruz, CA 95060. Phone: 1-408-469-1780. Fax: 1-408-469-1750. E-mail: URL:

Accelerated X 1.3 Now Available

X Inside has announced shipment of a new version of its high performance Accelerated X for Unix. Accelerated X is a display server product from X Inside that supports nine different Unix operating systems, including Linux. Accelerated X 1.3's enhancements over the previous version includes supporting over 400 graphics cards compared to 347 in the previous version.

Contact: X Inside, Inc., 1801 Broadway, 17th floor, Denver, CO 80202. Phone: 1-800-X-INSIDE or 1-303-298-7478. Fax: 1-303-298-1406. E-mail: URL:

Dynace Object Oriented Extension to C Available

Algorithms Corporation has announced the full source code release of the Dynace Object Oriented Extension to C. There is no charge for the source code for personal, educational and evaluational purposes, and it may be downloaded from Algorithms Corporation's Internet site at Dynace is a preprocessor, include files and a library which extends the C or C++ languages with advanced object oriented capabilities, automatic garbage collection and multiple threads. Dynace comes with full C source and is portable to 16- and 32-bit DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, Linux, SunOS, and others. Dynace can link with pre-existing C/C++ libraries and can be easily added to pre-existing C/C++ code.

Contact: Algorithms Corporation, 3020 Liberty Hills Drive, Franklin, TN 37067. Phone: 1-800-566-8991 or 1-615-791-1636. Fax: 1-615-791-7736. E-mail: URL:

EditTable and ChartObject Available

Interactive Network Technologies, Inc. (INT) has announced Linux versions of its popular table and charting tools. INT's EditTable Widget and ChartObject Library provide Linux programmers with flexible, reliable tools for creating, displaying and editing tables and charts. EditTable contains resources for interactive control of all aspects of table data visualization and manipulation. ChartObject includes a comprehensive library of easy-to-use 2D and 3D graphing tools for building presentation-quality charts and graphs. Freeware Linux versions of both EditTable and ChartObject are available from INT's Web site at Commercial versions of these products are also available for both Unix and Linux platforms.

Contact: Interactive Network Technologies, Inc., 2901 Wilcrest, Suite 300, Houston, TX 77042-6011. Phone: 1-713-975-7434. Fax: 1-713-975-1120. E-mail: info@int.comi. URL:

VBIX Available For Linux

Halcyon Software has announced the release of VBIX, a Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 compatible runtime engine for Unix environments, including Linux. VBIX allows Visual Basic applications developed in the Windows 3.1 environment to be executed directly on Unix platforms running Motif. Price: $495.00 per user.

Contact: Halcyon Software, 1590 La Pradera Dr., Campbell, CA 95008. Phone: 1-408-378-9898. Fax: 1-408-378-9935. E-mail:, URL:

Running Linux Companion CD-ROM

O'Reilly & Associates and Red Hat Software, Inc., have announced the release of the Running Linux Companion CD-ROM. The two CD set contains Red Hat 2.1 and supporting documentation. When paired with O'Reilly's Running Linux book, the CD/book combination provides a complete software/documentation package for installing and learning to use the Linux operating system. Price: $24.95 for Companion CD-ROM.

Contact: O'Reilly & Associates, phone: 1-800-998-9938 or 1-800-889-8969. E-mail: URL:

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