Zappix Visual IVR

Zappix's development of its Visual IVR customer service platform is informed by research showing that 77% of consumers report that valuing their time is the most important element of good service. Zappix is a highly intuitive self-help Visual IVR software suite platform for Android, iPhone, tablets and mobile Web that integrates voice and non-voice visual content with customer service channels—for example, phone/voice, Web, mobile on-line forms and multimedia resources. An updated version of the platform now supports voice-enabled commands for integrating with the visual IVR prompts. The new voice capability, reports Zappix, enables a better and smoother Visual IVR experience. Users now can search for problems, solutions and even their channel of choice using speech and receive visual prompts on their smartphone. The new functionality is intended to empower companies to provide the best of both formats—that is, visual and voice commands—allowing organizations to process high call volumes effectively and reduce the frustration callers experience searching for an item in complex IVR systems.