Craig Smith's The Car Hacker's Handbook (No Starch Press)

Not long ago, a group of benevolent hackers, from a couch ten miles away, no less, took full control of a friend's Jeep and ran it into a ditch. We should all take pause as automakers rush to transform cars into smartphones on wheels and a Wild West frontier emerges in automotive security. Security-minded people seeking to explore this frontier now have a cowboy-in-chief, Craig Smith, a security expert who has advised automakers and written a new book called The Car Hacker's Handbook. The book is a guide that shows how to identify network security risks, exploit software vulnerabilities and gain a deeper understanding of the software running in our vehicles. Along the way, Smith teachers readers how navigation systems can be hacked to take control of vehicles, how systems are interconnected, and even how to bypass dealership restrictions to diagnose and troubleshoot problems. Not only is this book a technical manual for hackers, but it's also a wake-up call for legislators and car manufacturers.