SUSE Linux Enterprise

In order to bridge the traditional enterprise Linux business with the emerging workloads of the cloud era, the new SUSE Linux Enterprise Service Pack 1 (SP1) adopts a modular approach. This means that parts of the OS run a faster lifecycle than the base OS, yet receive full support. It also means accelerated innovation through support for all recent hardware from IBM and Intel, including Intel Xeon and IBM z13, with SUSE claiming exclusive Linux-distribution support for the latter. In addition, SP1 provides new modules to apply updates for Linux container features or security requirements without having to update and recertify the base operating system. Meanwhile, Package Hub enables the latest technologies developed by the Open Source community to be compiled by SUSE for use with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Rounding out the SP1 innovations are new capabilities for maintaining application uptime, an improvement in the efficiency of data-center development and operations and Docker support, among others.