The PostgreSQL Global Development Group's PostgreSQL

With Gartner predicting that 70% of new applications soon will be deployed on an open-source relational database, purveyors of proprietary DBMSes surely long for the golden lock-in age of yore. Said trend is in no small part due to the surging PostgreSQL, which recently stepped up to a new version 9.5. Highlights of this release, reported the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, include the addition of UPSERT capability, Row Level Security and multiple Big Data features, all of which the Group hopes will broaden the user base for the database. The Group added that version 9.5 marks a turning point for use of Postgres with data-driven applications of engagement and high-speed, high-volume mobile, Web and digital apps. Other specific features are performance boosters for today's more powerful "big iron" servers, analytics and productivity enhancements to speed complex query capabilities on extreme data volumes, and a foundation for horizontal scalability across multiple servers for importing entire tables from external databases.