Donald Simpson's Beginning Docker (Packt Publishing)

If you're a developer seeking to learn how to deploy applications in containers using the open-source Docker, you have a new learning tool at your disposal. Beginning Docker, taught by automation build engineer and DevOps consultant Donald Simpson and published by Packt Publishing, is a two-hour-long, hands-on video course packed with practical examples to get one started with Docker and create amazing applications. Equipped with basic knowledge of Linux, viewers of Beginning Docker will learn how Docker works, how to set it up and how to get started on leveraging its benefits. From there, viewers create and share Docker images, install Docker on their own machines, learn to manage it effectively, and then progress to creating and publishing a custom application. Advanced topics include Docker containers, volumes, mounts, ports, linking and constraining containers, the Docker Web API, handling of complex automation processes with Shipyard and the creation of a mini-Heroku PaaS with slugbuilder and slugrunner. Packt describes the format of Beginning Docker as an easy-to-follow and structured video tutorial with practical examples of Docker to help viewers get to grips with each and every aspect.