Undo Software to Deliver Support for 64-bit ARM Devices

Debugging, asserts Undo Software, is the number one challenge when moving existing code to new architectures like the 64-bit ARM v8-A. To simplify porting code to the ARM v8-A, Undo Software Ltd. and ARM have teamed up to produce a portfolio of advanced Linux and Android reversible debugging tools—the most recent and notable of which is the Undo Software's Live Recorder. Live Recorder's new "software-implemented trace" debugging technology helps simplify porting code from alternative hardware architectures by enabling Linux and Android programs to make a detailed recording of themselves while they are running. The recording, executed in a highly compressed and efficient way, contains everything needed for a developer to debug an exact copy of the bug as it occurred in production. This includes everything a program does, such as every memory access made and every instruction executed. This information can be used to run and step their programs backward and forward in time, enabling developers to fix bugs more quickly. Live Recorder delivers particular benefits to telecoms, IoT, enterprise server, HPC, mobile and automotive industries, the sectors most advanced in porting existing software to the 64-bit ARM architecture.