1248's DevicePilot

Unlike Web or smartphone apps, connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices must be deployed into the physical world, where lots of things can go wrong. To overcome physical-world barriers that stand in the way of effective IoT at scale, IoT specialist 1248 unveiled DevicePilot, a new as-a-service solution for managing the growing IoT ecosystem. DevicePilot continuously monitors and manages connected devices over their complete life cycles and presents a simple dashboard showing how many devices have been deployed, where and by whom, and how many are not working and why. DevicePilot's automatic asset management, monitoring and lifetime support enable scaling projects from pilot stage to deployment with thousands or even millions of devices with universal coverage, from applications as variable as smart energy to smart homes and cities to transport systems, as well as industrial monitoring and control. DevicePilot is integrated with the ARM mbed IoT Device Platform, based on open standards, technology and services to accelerate wider adoption of IoT systems at scale. The goal of 1248 is to fill one of the few remaining gaps in the set of services required for successful IoT deployment—that is, in device management.