JetBrains Toolbox

In this space, I typically cover about eight new products for your reading pleasure. This month, however, I feature more than double the normal output, thanks to a "big day" of updates from JetBrains s.r.o. The tool developer simultaneously upgraded the nine elements in its JetBrains Toolbox, thus smashing the Linux Journal New Products record for most products announced in a single issue. These nine elements include IntelliJ IDEA 15 IDE for Java, PhpStorm 10 IDE for Java, WebStorm 11 IDE for JavaScript, PyCharm 5 IDE for Python, AppCode 3.3 IDE for Objective-C on Mac OS X, CLion 1.2 cross-platform IDE for C and C++, RubyMine 8 IDE for Ruby and Rails, 0xDBE 1.0 IDE for DBAs and SQL Developers and ReSharper Ultimate 10 productivity tool for Visual Studio. In addition to the product improvements for each tool, JetBrains added a new "All Products" pack that allows customers to use any of the above products according to their current needs.