Rogue Wave Software's CodeDynamics

Helped on by a nudge from Rogue Wave Software's CodeDynamics tool, large-scale data modelling and analytics technologies traditionally reserved for HPC are making their way into new enterprise and industrial applications. These big data solutions in financial, energy, science, government and other commercial services require the same elements as HPC: extremely fast systems, highly optimized code and innovative algorithms. Enter CodeDynamics, Rogue Wave's next-generation dynamic analysis tool for data-intensive commercial applications that expands the reach of multithreaded debugging. CodeDynamics looks at complex C and C++ applications at execution time to help identify and correct bugs, memory issues and crashes, cutting "right to the chase" to identifying causes quickly. Enterprises that demand performance, scalability and high availability will find value in the deep thread control, unique reverse debugging and advanced data visualization features of CodeDynamics, adds Rogue Wave. An additional innovation in CodeDynamics is the ReplayEngine feature, built to simplify the troubleshooting process. By recording and saving program execution, ReplayEngine allows developers to work back from a failure, error or crash to find the root cause without repetitive restarts and stops, and it allows developers to store the recording to investigate the error at any time.