Astragon Software & kunst-stoff's "TruckSim"

Who knows which side of you will like TruckSim best—the truck geek, the sim lover, the Europhile or maybe all three equally! TruckSim is a new truck simulation game for Android and iOS devices from the team of game publisher and sim specialist Astragon Software and game developer kunst-stoff. In TruckSim, players play the role of a small freight forwarder seeking to build a company and vehicle fleet into a dominating agency by fulfilling steadily bigger delivery orders from customers throughout Europe. Varied missions will lead "simmers" across miles of highway to metropolises all over the continent, each easily recognizable by faithfully re-created landmarks. The biggest attention to detail, however, is of given to the faithfully modeled trucks and trailers in the TGX and TGS model range from popular German maker MAN.