Mahesh Venkitachalam's Python Playground (No Starch Press)

Putting the subtitle Geeky Weekend Projects for the Curious Programmer onto a book is a sure way to charm one's way onto these geek-friendly Linux Journal pages. The main title of said book is Python Playground, a new book from Mahesh Venkitachalam and irreverent publisher No Starch Press. No Starch describes the book as "a collection of fun programming projects that will inspire you to new heights as a Pythonista". Readers will learn to use Python for all kinds of playful purposes—for example, to manipulate images, build simulations and interact with hardware using Arduino and Raspberry Pi. As readers work through each project, they power up their programming skills and learn how to leverage external libraries for specialized tasks, how to break problems into smaller, solvable pieces and how to translate an algorithm into code. The fun projects include an autostereogram generator, an ASCII art maker, a Conway's Game of Life simulator, a ray casting volume renderer and an Arduino rig.