JetBrains' Upsource

The idea for JetBrains' new team collaboration tool for developers, called Upsource, originally came from the intention to make a totally different tool, IntelliJ IDEA, available from both the desktop and the Web. The final result is Upsource 1.0, a new Web-based team collaboration tool that helps developers read, browse and review code maintained in Git, Mercurial, Subversion and/or Perforce repositories. Both a repository browser and a code-review tool, Upsource 1.0 provides instant read access to code developed throughout an organization and helps improve code quality by enabling easy code review. JetBrains adds that, thanks to platform sharing with the IntelliJ IDEA IDE for Java, Java teams enjoy an additional advantage. Upsource boasts in-depth knowledge of Java code and is able to execute server-side static code analysis on Java projects, as well as provide code-aware navigation and smart search for code usages.