Linutop XS

Until the era of the Linutop computer, the word minuscule has not been a common descriptor for a full-fledged PC. That word nevertheless hits the nail squarely on the head to describe the new Linutop XS, a truly tiny Linux computer designed to reduce TCO from shipping to deployment, operation and maintenance. As Linutop's smallest and most energy-efficient computer to date, the Linutop XS weighs a mere 3.3 ounces (92 g), measures about the size of a typical playing card and operates on only 5 Volts and 3 Watts. Linutop says that the Linutop XS comes loaded with Debian Weezy and ready-to-use software, including Libre Office and Linutop Kiosk, making it an ideal system for a wide range of applications in business, government, education and the home.