John Baichtal's Robot Builder (Que)

The topic of DIY robots is so us, fellow Linuxers. Publishing house Que says that author John Baichtal's new book Robot Builder: The Beginner's Guide to Building Robots will help readers learn the craft of robot building from the ground up in an easy, fun and hands-on way. As the subtitle implies, absolutely no experience is needed. Baichtal has been a veteran author in the DIY [insert geek toy] space for many years and has helped many an intrigued-by-robot geek get started with robotics. Baichtal and Que have brought together a wealth of practical robotics know-how into "one incredibly easy tutorial". Hundreds of full-color photos guide readers through every step and skill and get them building the first working robot (of 30 total) in the very first chapter. Throughout the book, skill building grows to expert level, and readers will find themselves powering motors, configuring sensors, constructing a chassis and even programming low-cost Arduino microcontrollers.