Opengear's CM7100 Console Server

Enterprises need solutions that help them leverage their existing equipment and tools securely and efficiently, asserts Opengear, provider of critical infrastructure management solutions. This should occur, Opengear adds, without myriad logins and security procedures when accessing multiple devices. This philosophy underpins Opengear's new CM7100 Console Server, a state-of-the-art appliance that offers dramatically simplified console management, high reliability and strong security for maximizing the uptime of enterprise networks. The CM7100 is a 16–48 port serial console server that enables network administrators to manage sprawling and complex infrastructure of switches, routers, PDUs, firewalls, servers, UPSes and other critical data-center equipment from a wide array of vendors securely and efficiently. Other key product features include enterprise-grade security with FIPS 140-2 certified SSL, SSH and VPN; dual LAN ports for main and secondary networks; and audit/trail logging to 4GB local storage or a remote log server.