Readers interested in virtualization and enterprise networking solutions will want to read on about improvements to the 6WINDGate networking software from 6WIND. 6WINDGate solves critical performance and scalability challenges for virtual switches while retaining full compatibility with standard virtual switch software, such as Open vSwitch. The company claims that 6WINDGate provides an optimized data plane solution that delivers more than a 10x acceleration for the baseline switching functions and delivers high performance for secure tunneling protocols, such as IPsec, GRE, NVGRE, VLAN and VxLAN. This enables service providers, such as cloud and telecom data centers, to achieve significant CAPEX and OPEX 1 improvements that are not possible without data plane acceleration. The virtual switch acceleration delivered by 6WINDGate is transparent to the applications running on the platform, which do not need to be recompiled or re-verified in order to work with this high-performance solution.