Peter Gasston's "Modern Web" (No Starch Press)

Today's Web technologies are evolving at near-lightspeed. When users can browse the Web on a 3" phone screen as easily as on a 50" HDTV, what's a developer to do? Well, flummoxed friends, there is a new book designed to answer just that question, namely Peter Gasston's Modern Web: Multi-Device Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Gasston's book will guide readers through the latest and most important tools for device-agnostic Web development, including HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. His plain-English explanations and practical examples emphasize the techniques, principles and practices one needs to transcend individual browser quirks easily and stay relevant as these technologies are updated. After reading the book, claims publisher No Starch Press, one will be equipped to design content that displays fluidly across multiple devices as well as turn outdated Web sites into flexible, user-friendly ones that take full advantage of the unique capabilities of any device or browser.