gOS Android G2 Tribute PC

Time's running out to get your hands on this cute little green dude that runs gOS Linux.

Remember our March 2008 cover featuring David Liu and gOS? David Liu's "good" OS, known for shipping pre-installed on the low-cost Linux machine that infamously sold out at Wal-Mart, gets a lot of its pizazz and usability from its prominent use of Google gadgets and apps, and thus gOS pays tribute to the release of Android, Google's new mobile operating system poised to put Linux in the hands of millions of smartphone users with this custom built PC by Eric Burke. Read more about it over at the gOS blog.

The auction ends on Oct 30 at 3:58 PDT, so don't forget to place your bid if you want this little guy for yourself. Proceeds will be donated to DonorsChoose.org via the TechCrunch Challenge.