Vores Tuum Victum Canis

In English that means "Eat Your Own Dog Food". We do that here at Linux Journal, we use Linux and FOSS. OK, maybe its not "our" dog food since we didn't write it, but you get the point.

Currently, we have 3 servers hosted at CariNet. They run openSuSE 10.2, which is also what I use on my desktop system and on my laptop. We also have some desktop systems running kubuntu. As you probably already know, our website runs drupal. Our banner ad server uses Openads. Our subscriptions system is a homegrown hack in serious need of replacement, but that's a story for another day. And of course we use the standard desktop "suite", Firefox, Thunderbird, and OpenOffice.

Now for the confessional part... we do the magazine layout on a Mac. We attempted to do some layout work with Scribus, but it wasn't quite there yet. A number of folks here at Linux Journal also personally own Mac laptops. At least Darwin is open source.

And just to come clean, yes we do have some Windoze machines. I have one just a few feet from me, of course its covered by a lead blanket so none of the bad stuff gets on me. Unfortunately, we can't live without Windows..., yet. We are getting close though: about the only thing we use it for is to test our website with Internet Exploder.

Yep, we use Linux and FOSS, and we don't do it just because its part of our name, we do it because it works (as of late with less problems than you get from the other guys) and it embodies a philosophy that we believe in.


ps A special thanks to Willy Smith for the Latin translation of the title.