Bitter Penguins

I was just asked to run for a position on the board of directors for an organization of Technology Directors in Michigan. Being on the MAEDS board would be a great honor and all, but it reminds me that as Linux users, we are part of a diverse group of technology users.

In my peer group of educational technology folks, I'm known as, "The Linux Guy." Yeah, I know, pretty cool. I have to remind myself, however, that Pro-Linux is not the same as Anti-Microsoft. True confession? I use Mac OSX more often than I use Linux. It's what my job requires, and honestly, it fills a need very well. Granted, part of the reason I use OSX more often is because my Linux infrastructure needs less maintenance, but we all already know that.

So my point? It's easy to get angry and bitter in the face of companies like Apple and Microsoft. It's easy to trash talk the opposition, because let's face it, Linux is better at so much stuff!!! Like the old adage, "You catch more flies with honey," however, we need to remember to point out the strengths of Open Source software, not the weaknesses of others.

Oh, and vote for Shawn. ;o)