Coffee, Tea, or Other Caffeine

I find it interesting (which might be more insight into my psyche than you want), but different caffeinated beverages tend to have drastically different effects on me. I'm curious if this is the case with others...

Coffee (black of course), is my standard "at work" beverage of choice. When I'm administering networks, delegating servers, or, most commonly, unjamming printers -- coffee is what I want to drink.

Tea (with sugar oddly enough) on the other hand is what I drink when I'm writing. Well, not right now, because I'm just on my lunch break at work, but if I'm really writing, tea makes me feel all creative and stuff. Oh, and Red Rose tea is by far the best "grocery store" tea.

Diet Coke, preferably from a fountain dispenser, is what I drink when I'm just downright thirsty. Or like now, when I'm eating lunch. It also give me the jitters, unlike coffee or tea. I'm not sure why.

So, your turn. What do you drink, and when? I'm not looking for on the job incrimination, I'm just genuinely curious.

(Oh, and water drinkers -- you can play along, but you only get street cred if you drink caffeinated water)