Thank you for attending "How to Build an Optimal Hadoop Cluster to Store and Maintain Unlimited Amounts of Data Using Microservers"


  • Hortonworks: Ajay Singh, Director, Technical Channels
  • AMD | SeaMicro: Michael Partridge, Senior Member Technical Staff
  • Linux Journal: Adam Monsen, Contributing Editor

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Realizing the promise of Apache® Hadoop® requires the effective deployment of compute, memory, storage and networking to achieve optimal results. With its flexibility and multitude of options, it is easy to over or under provision the server infrastructure, resulting in poor performance and high TCO. Join us for an in depth, technical discussion with industry experts from leading Hadoop and server companies who will provide insights into the key considerations for designing and deploying an optimal Hadoop cluster. Some of key questions to be discussed are:

  • What is the “typical” Hadoop cluster and what should be installed on the different machine types?
  • Why should you consider the typical workload patterns when making your hardware decisions?
  • Are all microservers created equal for Hadoop deployments?
  • How do I plan for expansion if I require more compute, memory, storage or networking?

Speaker bios:

Ajay Singh – Director, Technical Channels, Hortonworks

Ajay brings over 15 years of excellence in enterprise technology delivery and management. For the last decade, Ajay has led the adoption of scale out data management platforms, with specific focus on NoSQL databases and Hadoop. Ajay’s experience spans architecture & design services for large-scale web properties including Tier1 EDiscovery platform, State & Federal Health Information Exchange & Content Syndication platform for leading Scientific and Educational publishers. Ajay is currently engaged with Fortune 500 enterprises, helping with the design & implementation of their next generation Data Management Platform.

Michael Partridge – Senior Member of Technical Staff, AMD|SeaMicro

Mike has been working towards the perfect Hadoop in a box.  He leads the Performance and Benchmarking efforts at AMD/SeaMicro. Before diving head first into Hadoop and building partnerships at AMD, he spent more than a decade evaluating performance on various software and hardware platforms. These ranged form enterprise to classic web and PHP workloads. He also reaches across the organization and works both directly with customers and engineering to bring new innovative solutions to market.  

Adam Monsen – Contributing Editor, Linux Journal

Adam Monsen is a seasoned software engineer and FLOSS zealot. He lives with his wonderful wife and children in Seattle, Washington. He blogs semi-regularly at