NXP LPC3250 based Developer's Kit

Embest DevKit3250 Evaluation Board is deisgned based on Mini3250 processor card using NXP's LPC3250 microprocessor which is built around a 90-nm, 266MHz ARM926EJ-S CPU core and a Vector Floating Point (VFP) coprocessor, designed for applications that require high performance, high integration, and low power consumption.

The CPU core board Mini3250 on Devkit3250, measuring only 75mm by 55mm, has integrated LPC3250 ARM926EJ core and provided Multiple Storage Media including 64MB SDRAM, 128MB bytes NAND FLASH, 4MB Nor Flash. It also supports SD card and USB mass storage devices and has one power indicating LED, one programmable LED and one 40 pin TFT-LCD connector on board. It connects to Devkit3250 expansion board through two 2.0mm pitch 3-line 27-pin connectors. The expansion board has increased the core board’s I/Os capabilities. It brought out 8 UARTS, IrDA, Ethernet, Audio, ADC, RTC, Buzzer, Keys, EMC Bus and GPIOs.

The DevKit3250 board is preloaded with ready-to-run Linux OS. Embest offers Linux 2.6.27 BSP and all necessary documents and accessories with this Kit to effectively help with customer's early development work. It can be also used directly into customer's next design.

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