mplayer with overlay and screenshot filter didn't work together.

Dear All,

Is there anyway I can use screenshot filter and image overlay filter at the same. I couldn't make it work. either one works not with both following are the option that I have tried
1. mplayer -vf bmovl=0:0:tfifo -vf screenshot tv://
2. mplayer -vf screenshot -vf bmovl=0:0:tfifo tv://
3. mplayer tv:// -vf screenshot -vf bmovl=0:0:tfifo
4. mplayer tv:// -vf bmovl=0:0:tfifo -vf screenshot
5. mplayer -vf bmovl=0:0:tfifo -input file=tfifo2 -vf screenshot tv://

It would be really helpful if some one can help me resolve this issue. Its very urgent Please Help

Thanks & Regards