LJ Android App feedback thread

( I thought I start a thread we could all place the LJ Android Client feedback in)

I think the LJ Android App is pretty reasonable for a first release. Here's a few observations:

  • Code examples are not in displayed in a monospaced CODE font. If you cannot make the ePub and Android App versions show monospaced code snippets, could you create a preference pane selector so we can change the app's global font to one that's monospaced. Clicking the Menu -> Page to download the actual page isn't a necessary work around
  • Breadcrumbs and remembrance. Every time I went back to the "Navigator" (i.e. Table of Contents) after reading an article, I was placed at the top of it ... not 4 screens down where I made my last selection.
  • There should be an About Screen selector via the Menu button
  • There should a Goto [mobile] Website via the Menu button (or placed in the About Screen)
  • There needs to be Preferences via the Menu button
  • Preferences should include:
    • disable automatic update checks (or make them WiFi only)
    • disable the device's screen time out while reading
    • set default font settings (size, typeface)
  • Maybe even fold browsing the forums in the app too. (I don't expect it though. It is just forums after all.)

I understand the app is written by Texterity, Inc. but there are a few features which are basic to all apps, such as Preferences and About Screens. Texterity should throw in those basic features.

Cheers. Mark S.