How to Embed YouTube Video to PowerPoint

Now YouTube get increasingly popular on the internet. Many people want to download their favorite YouTube videos and insert YouTube videos into PowerPoint for presentation. However, how to embed YouTube videos into PowerPoint presentation effectively? Some people may have difficulty in inserting FLV video to PowerPoint.

Here I'll show you how to use Aneesoft YouTube Video Converter to download YouTube videos and convert the YouTube video to PowerPoint presentation step-by-step.

Step 1: Download & install Aneesoft YouTube Video Converter
PowerPoint supports adding many different types of movies, including AVI, MPEG, and Windows Media. YouTube videos, which are Flash FLV files, aren't directly supported. If you want to embed YouTube video to PowerPoint presentation you can use Aneesoft YouTube Converter to download YouTube videos and convert the YouTube video to PowerPoint supported video format.

Step 2: Download YouTube video for the PowerPoint presentation
Now run Aneesoft YouTube Converter and click the button "Add URL" to copy the URL of the YouTube video, The YouTube videos will start downloading automatically after you add the YouTube video URLs into Aneesoft YouTube Converter. You may add as many YouTube URLs as you want for embedding to PowerPoint presentation.

Step 3: Convert YouTube video to PowerPoint supported format
As we have mentioned above that PowerPoint accepts the AVI video format, so select AVI as your output format for your YouTube video to PowerPoint presentation. Simply select the YouTube video you want to convert and Click “Convert” to start YouTube video to PowerPoint conversion.

Step 4: Embed YouTube video into PowerPoint presentation
Now, we want to move on to the fun part and actually embed the YouTube video to the PowerPoint presentation. First, navigate to the PowerPoint slide where you wish to add the YouTube video. Open the Insert tab and click Movies and Sounds as shown in the screenshot below. Save your presentation to where you want it. Then open it and check to make sure the YouTube video is working properly.

Note: You need to copy the YouTube video into the same folder as your PowerPoint presentation on your computer. If you later send the PowerPoint presentation to other person, send the YouTube video too. Keeping the YouTube video in the same folder as the presentation ensures the link will still work on other computers. Re-insert the video, if necessary.