Friendly Format for Electronic Delivery

I too am not happy with the new decision for electronic distribution, especially since pdf really isn't viewable on typical e-paper ereaders. One of the nice things about a magazine is that you can BRING it with you (as someone mentioned... to that special place in the house). Thus, the money spent on the "Enhanced digital version" was a waste since, I suspect, few read the mag on their computer. The money SHOULD have been spent on how to best format it for readability on Kindles and Nooks, etc.
I hope LJ will have MULTIPLE PDF formats (one in typical magazine format and one in a ereader-friendly format) or even a MOBI format so people that still want to take their magazine with them, CAN.
Not everyone has a android or iPad tab and, instead, want to read with their ereaders (which can last weeks instead of hours without recharging).