Android mobile phone photo recovery

While the photos were deleted from mobile phone, they are not deleted permanently. You can still get them back from the memory card with memory card recovery software. I advise you to use Card Data Recovery. It is a nice photo recovery program that can help you recover photos from all popular mobile phone memory cards. It has two versions separately designed for Windows and Mac users. To see more detailed information about it, you can refer to its official website:

Card Data Recovery for Windows (for Windows users)
Card Data Recovery for Mac (for Mac users)

My guess is that it only was able to partially recover, and so what you have are corrupted files.
However, you could try some other data recovery applications just to see, I suppose. Maybe try Card Data Recovery or Tenorshare Data Recovery. I'm not saying you'll get anywhere with it, but if you're still trying, those are useful, and worth a shot.