Almost 10 months have passed - STILL NO REFUND!

I unfortunately decided to subscribe to the paper edition of Linux Journal not even two months before you decided to go digital only, my first issue was supposed to be the September one and that was the first issue offered only in pdf. Hooray.

When I received the e-mail about this I immediately asked to have my subscription cancelled and my money refunded. Swiftly I received an apology and was told that my e-mail would be forwarded to subscription services. The subscription was cancelled fast enough alright, but I never got a refund.

Two months later I received an e-mail naming me a "friend of Linux Journal" and offering me a full-year sub "at a special Friends and Family rate of just $19.50" - to which I politely declined and instead told my new best friend Carlie Fairchild that I would rather have my $69,50 back, thank you very much.

(crickets chirping)

Two months after that I decided to try again, and wrote another polite e-mail explaining my predicament and once again asked to have my $69,50 returned to me.

(more crickets chirping)

I sent a follow-up e-mail one month later, in February this year.

(crickets now starts chanting "we-stole-your-money-and-we-will-not-acknowledge-your-existence-nyah-nyah-nyah")

To add insult to injury, throughout this ordeal I've regularly received Linux Journal newsletter-spam in my inbox. Oh, wait, that's my own fault - I never unsubscribed because I wanted to be reminded of that time Linux Journal scammed me out of my $69,50 for a one-year international paper subcription!

So I give up. I realize you are never going to reply to my e-mails, much less give me my money back. However, if you're going to take my money you're going to have to take my dignity away as well, so I beg you that you at least consider giving me my $69,50 worth in a digital subscription.

Heck, seeing we're such good friends and your e-mail reply rate is about on par with most of my relatives, maybe you would even take into consideration applying the "Friends and Family discount" when you calculate the length of my subscription . Perhaps even throw in an extra $8,50 so I get four full years?

And if you don't plan on existing in four years time, maybe this time we can get a heads up a little earlier than a month before you close up shop?

(The e-mail address used when I registered this account should exist both in your customer database as well as in numerous e-mails if you want to confirm what I wrote).