MySQL NoSQL and Cloud Conference Argentina

Buenos Aires

Since 2003 in Santa Clara, California takes place the most important event in the world regarding the MySQL community, the MySQL Users Conference. Users, community developers, CTO’s and different world leaders in technology environment, takes place to meet every year to share their experiences and meet new cases of study, good practices, developments and different types of success stories.
October 14, 15, and 16 will be the date for his wonderful event, which for the second time in the region will bring together key leading professionals from the industry and members of the open source community to share incredible  experience and value for all assitants.

Swap a valuable experience with different colleagues, talk to the presenters and take different tutorials.
An event designed for database administrators, programmers, system administrators, CTO’s and to analyze the different cases and practices MySQL, Drizzle, Percona Server. More information about MongoDB also Cassandra, Hadoop, Redis, Memcached and CouchDB engines. Search Engines like Solr and SphinxSE.
Learn best practices in the cloud. Using databases in the cloud and different architectures like Amazon, OpenStack and VPS