Drupal Business Summit Vancouver


The Vancouver Drupal Business Summit is a one-day event offering business leaders and managers insight into Drupal's capabilities as a versatile, business solutions framework. Drupal, one of the Internet's most widely used open source content management systems, has evolved into a platform able to support very complex websites and applications.

Geared toward VPs, Media Directors, Web Operations Managers, Marketing & Branding Leads, and Senior IT professionals, the summit will offer a highly-focused, non-technical look at Drupal. Attendees will hear real-world cases studies on high-profile and successful Drupal projects, have a chance to connect with top Drupal professionals, find out about trends for developing business apps, and share information with other business leaders about Drupal. 

Drupal is a powerful, sophisticated framework that you can use to build your new website, mobile application, or community based site.

Your business strategy and goals are more than likely to depend on a strong web presence. Your marketing efforts rely on it, your staff rely on web-based applications, or your users and customers depend on it to connect with your organizations services. But there are always questions:

  • Am I getting the best value from my internet infrastructure?

  • Is my site findable?

  • Is my site useable?

  • Will my site be able to work with other online systems?

  • Can I sell things through my site?

  • Can I improve customer service through my site?

Drupal offers some of the best solutions to all these issues. If you're interested in hearing how, please join us at the Vancouver Business Summit on June 1 at UBC Robson Square. Register Now!