As a properly designed products, hid is high intensity discharge’s abbreviations .It could be named metal halide and high pressure xenon gas .when I first hear this name; it’s very unfamiliar to me. I know it’s used in cars, like the Toyota, Toyota car; s quality is very good, many people like use them, CROWN use the hid, it can reduces the risk of the night and fog Driving.
But as the old said, it seems not to be the same useful to other cars, with strong dazzling lights, and it’s even more dangerous. also, the color temperature recession, and the high failure rate will make the life of their effective use isn’t too long, So many people are often complain about hid lamps that the car will turn themselves completely being in front of traffics.

Despite all of these, we would like to carry out the proposed changes to the safety theme, and this new high-tech product will be more widely used.

According to some effective data, I think this market is very strong. If the hid can be used safety and widely, the investors will have a great of chance to get profit. As far as I know, now there are some co operations have got the chance, and caught a market share in this area. Such as the changshu huatai lighting co., Ltd., this company is a professional manufacturer of HID auto bulbs and HID headlamp conversion kits. And this company’s Distribution Net has get into the whole country,

Not only the HID product, I think all the auto mobile use market is on the up grade, this area will have a sunshiny tomorrow.