For those of you familiar with twitter, the "microblogging" social-networking tool, you know that it can be a fun way to gather data from a large group of people. If you have a substantial enough group of followers, inevitably, a few are paying attention most of the time, and you will get a handful of interesting responses to almost any question. This is one of my favorite things about twitter. It differs from IRC or other methods of online communication in that it is somewhat disconnected in a way, and each post is fairly autonomous rather than being part of the flow of a traditional chat session.

The other day I posed a sort of silly but fun question. I saw mention of something called Open Source Cupcakes, which I am rather curious about, as I have no clue what it means or if it even has anything to do with open source (feel free to use your imagination and decide what that might mean to you). So as a result, I posed the question, "What does open source taste like?"

The answers for your enjoyment:

luiscerezo: @KatherineD free range gruyere. Smooth, creamy and goes with everything.

msacks: @KatherineD mangos

jeremythegeek: @KatherineD Freedom or Chicken. I can't tell...

ymiris: @KatherineD Eel.

ECazarez: @KatherineD Sometimes it tastes like heaven, sometimes it doesn't ;)

Creech: @KatherineD Delicious like ice cream, but with a recipe you can change yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving! (and to all our non-US readers, happy Thursday!)