dear buddies,

we released yesterday the epidemic gnu linux (in english version) including the script smxi/sgx already pre installed. As I said to h2 (the smxi developer) in the past I was translating to the english one brazilian distro called epidemic gnu linux which I'm one of the devlopers and we included the script smxi/sgxi pre installed on it in order to facilitate to the users. Besides, a lot of conveniences for the final users. Thus, I would like this fantastic community try it and whoever can downlod it. the download links are available there at and . We announced the release at the distrowatch. com and you can view at but I quoted it down there below as follows:


"The second beta build of Epidemic Linux 3.1, a Debian-based Brazilian distribution for the desktop, has been released. Improvements in this release include: replacement of bootsplash by Plymouth; significant reduction of boot time; new boot options for systems with NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards; support for legacy NVIDIA drivers; introductory support for English as the first step towards greater internationalisation of Epidemic's utilities; inclusion of Esu, a new tool that gives system administrators a choice of user authentication methods for performing privileged tasks; replacement of GRUB with GRUB 2; ext4 becomes the default file system; i686-optimised Linux kernel 2.6.30; KDE 4.3 with Compiz Fusion; installer improvements.... Read the full release announcement (in Portuguese) for further details and some screenshots. Interested beta testers can download the live DVD image from here: epidemic-3.1-b2-1-i686.iso (1,637MB, MD5)."

The epidemic site with download servers at and
download link at or straight at

PS: we are also going to translate the epidemic home page to the english in time to come and the next we will provide an english support forum as well.Later on, who can assist to suppport the users in english can get in touch with me by pm.