Until today I only knew of Stephen Fry, wonderful British actor, but now I have learned of a completely new side to this man. As it turns out, he is also Stephen Fry, Linux enthusiast. Way to go, Stephen.

He believes that most people's computers will be running a version of Linux with the next five years and that "your life will be better and happier as a result." Lofty goal perhaps, but an opinion worth noting.

He is quite enthusiastic about his Asus EEE PC, and like many see its potential to pave the way for greater adoption of Linux all around.

I am writing this article on a kind of mini John the Baptist, a system that prepares the way of the software saviour whose coming will deliver the 90% of world computer users who suffer under Windows from the expensive, clumsy, costly, ugly, pricey toils of Microsoft.

I must say I am fairly amused by his likening the Asus (in his blog which runs on WordPress... love this guy) to John the Baptist, but after all he does have quite a flair for drama.