NorthPoint Digital sponsors and speaks at NYC Camp

NorthPoint Digital is proud to be a Supporting Sponsor at the upcoming NYC Camp being held at New York University's Kimmel Center from Friday, July 12th to Monday, July 15th. NYC Camp is a sprint-centric mini-con focused on accelerated learning and ensuring attendees can contribute to Drupal.

NYC Camp looks to bring together some of the most active minds in Drupal to help developers move past the plateau many of them encounter and overcome the learning curve to get from an intermediate level to an advanced level. As a long-time Drupal advocate, NorthPoint has developed numerous Drupal sites and mobile applications, some scaling to over 2 million page views per hour as well as sites with over 500,000 pieces of content. Our goal is to help organizations optimize their digital and mobile presence through a perfect blend of strategy, experience, and technology.

Matt Dorman, Senior Manager, will present a session on "Designing (and Theming) for Performance." Many somehow forget the simple equation that: great design + fast loading pages + great content = more traffic. The presentation goes through tips and techniques you can adopt in your current process to get both performance and great design in future projects. 

In Koo Kim, Senior Manager, will present a session on "Scrap the Big Launch, Fly a Kite: How to Create and Maintain Control of Smarter Mobile Apps with Real-Time UI Updates, A/B Testing, and Personalization." The presentation will discuss how to create smarter mobile apps that respond to users behaviors, adapt to app successes and failures, and upturn the prevailing process. 

Matt Dorman, Senior Manager, Andree Engelhardt, Business Development Manager, In Koo Kim, Senior Manager, Ellie Roepkin, Senior Consultant, Eric Sod, Consultant, Aditi Vora, Marketing Coordinator, and Shruti Shah, Head of Marketing will be representing NorthPoint Digital at the event.