i was surfing on google for Linux on mobile.

and may be ppc stands for pocket pc
but the Samsung SGH-i200 titled Windows mobile 6.0
i had looked on that phone all of that basic Program Files,Windows directory it haves
but on starting the mobile it not start as pc boot
instead Samsung on screen.

Q1.is it in category of standard Pocket pc??

Q2.Is it supports booting storage memory or already intended by Vendor to search windows folder instead of NTLDR(i donn know what it stands for)Please if it true then answering for 2 and other is meaningful??

Q2.If i format its storage memory(if possible) is it supports ext2,3 file systems??

Q3.if it fulfill The criteria then is GCC help on compiling and also how to configure kernels and what DeskTop environment it supports(KDE,GNOME,FLUX BOX). Any tutorial on sites

Sorry For Bad English