The Amazon Kindle is an ebook reader which uses an E Ink electronic paper display that simulates reading on paper.

Beginning in September 2011, Linux Journal began offering a Kindle edition. All paid Linux Journal subscribers receive access to download their monthly issue in Kindle's .mobi format as a part of their regular subscription.

Kindle Edition FAQ

Q. I downloaded the .mobi edition of the magazine from Linux Journal's Digital Download page. Now how do I get it on to my Kindle?

A. To add a Linux Journal .mobi edition to your Kindle:

  •     Turn on your Kindle
  •     Connect the Kindle to your computer using the USB cable that came with your Kindle
  •     Drag and drop the .mobi file into the documents folder on your Kindle
  •     Safely disconnect your Kindle from your PC/Mac
  •     Your copy of Linux Journal should now appear in your Kindle library

Q. Can I read .mobi files on my desktop computer?

A. Yes. For Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows systems, we like to use the free and open source Calibre to read .mobi files. Amazon does specifically offer a free Kindle for PC app, however it is currently only available to Windows users. Either way, if you're reading Linux Journal on your desktop and not a Kindle, we recommend downloading our PDF or Enhanced Online Digital edition instead (paid subscribers have access to both).

Q. Do I need to be subscribed to the Enhanced Online Digital edition to get access to the .mobi file?

A. No. All paid subscribers receive access to all digital formats.

Q. Are back issues of Linux Journal available as .mobi files?

A. Kindle's .mobi file format of the magazine is only available for the September 2011 issue on forward.

Q. I'm a subscriber. Where do I download the .mobi files?

A. You can download all available .epub files on our Digital Download page (you'll need to login).

Q. Can I buy single issues of Linux Journal for my Kindle?

A. Yes. Linux Journal is available for single issue purchase on (at this time, yearly subscriptions are only offered directly through Linux Journal, however).

Q. Can I see a sample of the Kindle edition of the magazine before buying?

A. Yes. We invite you to sample our September 2011 issue free of charge.

Q. I have a .mobi-related question not answered here. Can you help me?

A. Yes! Please e-mail us your question and we'll do our best to get you an answer. If it's a commonly asked question, we'll also post it here.