Install, Configure and Secure Lighttpd with New Book from Packt

Packt is pleased to announce a new book that will help users work with Lighttpd, the lightning-fast web server. Written by Andre Bogus, Lighttpd will help system administrators understand and set up the Lighttpd web server as securely and quickly as possible.

Lighttpd is a secure, flexible, and most importantly, light web server designed and optimized for high performance environments. It has advanced features (FastCGI, CGI, Auth, Output Compression, URL Rewriting, and many more), and small memory footprint compared to other web servers. This is what makes Lighttpd the perfect server software for every web server.

This book will help users understand Lua/FastCG and write custom modules/plugins for the Lighttpd API and also get them working with Lighttpd’s web application interfaces to prevent attacks and minimize damage if attacked. Readers will learn how to configure Lighttpd to use SSL, and will also be shown how to migrate from Apache to Lighttpd.

Lighttpd has become popular within the Ruby on Rails community and this book will help users learn how to set up web applications and frameworks such as WordPress, Ruby on Rails, MediaWiki, trac, AjaxTerm, and more. Through this book, web developers will be able to create a lean deployment platform for their web applications.

This book is targeted at system administrators or web developers seeking to switch to a lighter web server than Apache. This book is out now and is available from Packt. For more information, please visit: